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Call for Publications:

Theme: Terrorism and Violence
Publication: Journal of International Relations Research
Date: Issue 1
Deadline: 1.12.2011


The Inaugural edition of the Journal of International Relations Research (JIRR) will be themed around Terrorism and Violence. We invite submissions from authors in a variety of formats including reviews, blogs, polemics and full-length articles. To be published in (traditional) electronic text format AND in a dynamic web version
featuring interactive multimedia features that make the most of web 2.0.

The human fascination with violence and terrorism is evident in the wealth of multimedia news reporting as well as academic and popular writing on the subject. But how does this reflect on society and the subject matter at hand? Are contemporary narratives, explanations and analysis providing fruitful or even sufficient representations of the realities? JIRR would venture not and invites the world IR community to contest this assumption.

We welcome submissions focusing on individual and group level explanations for the trend of those who engage in terrorism and violence. Be it on an empirical, philosophical or theoretical basis, JIRR ascribes no preferred method; our only stipulation is for quality and originality of the contribution. Examining the dynamics of counter-terrorism bodies should also be considered, as should the media coverage and aspects of public debate, philosophy and response.

Articles that represent comprehensive academic research into terrorism and violence are most welcome, be they in the guise of chapters of forthcoming works that read well as stand-alone pieces or as purposefully structured journal articles contesting issues in the field. Polemics are intended to be shorter essays designed to be countenances to work authored previously or critical and controversial pieces designed to raise questions and shape future debate. We also welcome entertaining reviews of relevant books, film and other media that speaks to IR debates on terrorism and violence.

JIRR is uniquely set up to accommodate a range of multimedia aspects and authors wishing to submit appears in non-traditional formats are encouraged. This subject would lend itself well to a photo-essay for instance or video report. As an Open Access Online journal we will feature video, pictures, diagrams and other dynamic features that help to illustrate the issues at hand. This distinctive characteristic of JIRR obviously equips the journal well for coverage of Terrorism in its 21st century guise and authors are encouraged to think of novel ways to supplement their written paper with multimedia referencing.

The ultimate issue publication deadline is 1st December, though submissions should be sent in well in advance of this date to ensure publication. Once complete the article/polemic/review will be published online in our dynamic web format, in advance of the publication of the text and download versions.

Our Submission guidelines can be found on our website and all submissions should be sent to:


Tom Smith, Issue Editor
Email: tomwbsmith@gmail.com
Web: http://www.journalofinternationalrelationsresearch.com